NOV -17- 2022

After one years’ negotiations, mainly dedicated to inter-university cooperation in the medical field, a closing meeting was held in CIRPS Headquarters in Rome, on November 17th, with distinguished guests from Uzbekistan, to finalize the signature of new Agreements.
The Deputy Minister of Higher Secondary and Specialized Education of Uzbekistan, prof. Rakhim Khakimov, headed the Uzbek delegation, accompanied by the Rector of Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent, DSc. Jamshid Inoyatkhodjaev, and the representative of the World Bank in Tashkent, dr.Ravshanbek Mirzamakhmudov.
The collaboration, dealing with CIRPS Italian University Campus in Uzbekistan, covers all the steps of a university career: starting from pre-bachelor diploma (so-called Booster Courses, produced by CIRPS, and managed by its partners EUREKA and YES Europa), passing through bachelor and master’s degrees, up to professional master courses.
Originally devoted to Africa (mainly to Nigeria) Booster Courses are now offered to Egypt, Turkey, Pakistan and Italy.
During the visit paid by the Uzbek Delegation the opportunity of launching also CIRPS’s Booster Courses and professional masters has been recognized.
So now a very special attention and commitment will be paid to start this online program in Uzbekistan.
Agreements were concluded between the Uzbek and Italian partners aimed at the institution of Bio-Medical Engineering bachelor and master’s degrees in Tashkent, and for
the opening of the first sector of CIRPS Technological Park. Both these initiatives have been promoted and coordinated by prof. Luigi Mansi.

The official Coordinator of Biomedical engineering bachelor is the University of Palermo (Italy) whose partner, by the Uzbek side, is the EMU University in Tashkent, with
participation of TPUT.
The reference Atheneum for the master’s degrees in Tashkent will be The University of Salento. Furthermore, CIRPS will manage the overall coordination of the CIRPS Italian University Campus in Uzbekistan in the sectors of Cultural Heritage (prof. Magda Pedace and prof. Claudio Margottini) and Sustainable Agriculture (prof. Stefano Grego).
It can be considered as the first brick of the Italian University Campus in Uzbekistan (IUC-UZ) constitution, a real success of intense and faithful cooperation after the former signature of Uzbekistan – CIRPS (Interuniversity Research Centre on Sustainable Development) Institutional Agreement in July 2021.
CIRPS’ Presidency, represented by prof. Vincenzo Naso and prof. Stefano Grego, received the Delegation with a team of CIRPS’ professors.
The meeting confirmed the intention by the two sides of a concrete and growing cooperation, for the best follow up of continuity and efficiency of a long lasting relationship
between Uzbek and Italian Universities.

Sectorial reports and proposals, focused on the main cooperation items were introduced by prof. Luigi Mansi, CIRPS Health and Sustainable Development, and prof. Magda Pedace and Claudio Margottini, CIRPS Cultural Heritage Valorization.
Online presentations from Universities of Palermo and University of Salento took place with the perspective of a short-term cooperation.