Areas of interest

Geological, hydrogeological and geochemical investigations:

  • geological survey with cartographic elaborations;
  • sampling of fresh water and thermal-geothermal fluids in wells and in case of thermal emergencies;
  • geochemical analysis with compositional and geothermometric data processing;
  • hydrogeological studies and surveys, monitoring and cultivation of aquifers, cartographic elaborations (ante, sin and post operam), flow tests in wells and in situ measurements;
  • environmental investigations (analysis of water, soil, air);
  • lithological-mineralogical-petrographic analysis on loose or lithified samples;
  • geotechnical and geomechanical laboratory investigations;
  • monitoring of landslides, subsidence and relative modeling;
  • floristic-wildlife surveys.

Geophysical surveys:

  • seismic surveys at low depth refraction;
  • topographic surveys (from the ground, with drone, radar…);
  • geoelectrical investigations;
  • georadar surveys (surveys for archeology, for physics of rock masses, etc.);
  • thermometric surveys;
  • seismic monitoring;
  • thermal infrared measurements;
  • assistance for the design and interpretation of seismic surveys (reflection, gravimetric, magnetic, electric).

Subsoil modeling
Prospecting for the research and use of high, medium and low enthalpy geothermal fluids
Eco-sustainable sludge and remediation of polluted marine and continental areas
Sedimentation of sandy coasts with sediments classed ad hoc

Composition of the Section

Enrico Pandeli
Dept. of Scienze della Terra, University of Florence, Via G. La Pira, 4 – 50121 Florence
t. +39.0552757530


  • Prof. Giuliano Gabbani
  • Prof. Orlando Vaselli
  • Prof. Ugo Bardi
  • Dr. Alessandro Ronconi


  • Scientific consultations and collaborations for the geological and geothermal sector in public bodies (e.g. Tuscany Region, National Park of the Tuscan Archipelago, Municipalities) and in private companies;
  • Courses of “Fundamentals of Geothermics” and “Geothermal Energy” within the Master hosted by HUST University (Huazhong University of Science and Technology) in Wuhan, Hubei (China), foreseen in the EU project “Support to institutional and capacity building of the China-EU Institute for Clean and Renewable Energy – ICARE- Contract No: DCI-ASIE/2010/240-213”;
  • Collaboration with public bodies and private companies for geothermal exploration in Tuscany, Lazio, West Umbria and Sardinia aimed at finding potentially interesting areas for the exploitation of medium and low enthalpy fluids for the production of electricity and district heating;
  • Geological surveys;
  • UNIFI-DST project with the Municipality of Pistoia for the reconversion and conditioning of the old Ospedale del Ceppo for public utility purposes through heat pumps and district heating;
  • “Geomechanical Characterization and Stability Analysis of the Bedrock Underlying the Costa Concordia Cruise Ship” (2017): Dotta G., Gigli G., Ferrigno F., Gabbani G., Nocentini M., Lombardi L., Agostini A., Nolesini t. e Casagli N.- (Springer) Rock Mech Roch Eng, DOI 10.1007/s00603-017-1219-x;
  • Collaboration with the Decomar SpA company, as scientific manager for the implementation and development of the Limpidh2o project (sludge interventions at the ports of La Spezia and Livorno). Intervention projects are underway in the ports of Bari, Taranto, Venice, Gela and Porto Vesme;
  • Collaboration with the Decomar SpA Company, as scientific manager for the implementation and development of the Limpidh2o project, which includes nourishment and filling of the “salt marshes” of the Venice Lagoon.