Globalization and its wave; sometimes soothing and at other times turbulent, has caused man to retrace one of his strong roots: inseparable interdependence. No man is an island. No Institution is an island. In order to wash the hands well, the right hand must wash the left and vice-versa. The COVID-19 pandemic on its own part, has reminded the world that unity is strength.

It is on the strength of this conviction that the EUREKA – Groupement d’Interet Economique – with Corporate Headquarters in Tunis, Tunisia and Administrative Headquarters in Rome Italy -, the Center for Inter-University Research for Sustainable Development (CIRPS) with Corporate Headquarters at the Palazzo Doria Pamphilj in Valmontone, Rome Italy and Administrative Center in Via Merulana, 247, Rome, and the International Bio-Research IBI, Ugwogo Nike, Enugu Nigeria entered into partnership for mutual and social interest.

To further strengthen their collaborative efforts, a multilateral agreement was recently made by the trio with the Gregory University, Uturu, Nigeria. The principal objects of the Memorandum of Understanding reached by the Parties are to promote scientific and cultural exchange; enhance the technological know-how of the Nigerians as well as facilitate technology transfer from Europe to Africa; vice-versa; and to jointly coordinate the ongoing “Three-Month or Six-Month or One-Year Highly Subsidized Online Professional Diploma Program”, offered by Eureka in collaboration with CIRPS and IBI to “Boost Africa” by training and re-skilling them in order to meet up with the contemporary demands of the post-COVID-19 Labour Markets.

Today, 21st January, 2022, in the premises of the Greogory University at Uturu, the inauguration of a Center named “Center for Research, Innovation and International Development – Eureka – CIRPS, IBI and GUU Partnership Project” is to be inaugurated. This Center was created by GUU thanks to the aforesaid Agreement.

The Founder/Chancellor, Professor Gregory Ibe and the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Augustine Uwakwe Amadikwa of the Gregory University, Uturu, Nigeria, welcomed wholeheartedly the concluded partnership project as its objects are in line with the Vision and Mission of this citadel of learning.

Professors Alessandra Schettino, COO of Eureka GIE, Vincenzo Naso, Director of CIRPS and Edmund Ugwu Agbo – Rector of IBI, also saw the Partnership with the GUU as a very welcome development because this University will no doubt assist the trio in boosting Africa via education, training, research and innovation.