A summary of the documentation produced during CIRPS eight-year activity in the field of Sustainability Science is presented here.

Below are the documents that present and allow an initial study on the Sustainability Science (referred to as “Su Sci.”). The magazine, in which the principles of the new discipline are referred to, can be downloaded here, as well as the strategy of the magazine and its organization (see editorial roles and responsibilities).

On the page, “SU.SCI Initiatives, the events that have taken place and which have marked the evolution of the academic (and not) movement, which has promoted Sustainability Science in the world, are reconstructed in chronological order. Starting from the SAPPORO Conference of 2008, with the first official Declaration on Su.Sci to the Planning and Development Conferences of TOKYO (2009); ROME (2010); PHOENIX (2012), MARSEILLE 2014. The complementary events held in Italy are also included, always in chronological order.

The first volume of the journal was issued in October 2006, which is available here along with significant publications at an international level concerning the initial development phase and the setup of SU.SCI.:

  1. La sostenibilità in un numero – 1 (in Italian)
  2. La sostenibilità in un numero – 2 (in Italian)
  3. Verso la sustainability science (in Italian)
  4. Beyond Sustainability
  5. Partnerships for Sustainability
  6. Advancing Sustainability in a Time of Crisis
  7. IR3S / Tyndall Centre Joint Symposium (Draft Plan)
  8. PNAS Science Sessions
  9. World Changing – Beyond Sustainability

Several CIRPS contributions and publications are downloadable here:

  1. Summary of the three founding conferences
  2. PhD Thesis
  3. A network of networks for science of sustainability: a new challenge for the universities
  4. A network of networks for sustainable science: a new challenge for the universities– slides PPT
  5. Sustainability science: a possible strategy to enhance resilience to climate and rural ecosystem changes
  6. International Conference on Sustainability Science 2009
  7. Innovation for sustainability: toward a sustainable urban future in industrialized cities
  8. A network of networks for sustainable science: a new challenge for the universities

Finally, the two associations are presented: International Society for Sustainability Science – ISSS (international) and Italian Association for Sustainability Science – IASS  (national) that have been created in recent years.